How to Close Open Apps on an Android Phone

If you have too many open Apps on your Android phone, they may be slowing down your device. Moving away from your App does not close it. While you more on to a completely different task on a different App, you are unknowingly keeping the earlier Apps running in the background. The only way to close an open App is to close it manually.

When do you need to close Apps manually?

Many android devices today come with sufficient memory to support multiple open Apps at the same time without hindering your working. Many manufacturers thus do not include closing open Apps as an issue. However, there may be situations that warrant you to shut down open applications manually. This is specially true for devices which come with low memory and storage resources. Also, many large game Apps that you may download and install from Google Playstore have common crash or freeze issues. However, such Apps even after crashing or freezing will continue to run in the background. In such a case, the only option to really close them properly is to manually close them.

So, How do you Close Open Apps?

Closing Apps via the Overview.

Almost all Android smartphones come with an Overview button which is located at the bottom bar of your screen. Its usually one out of the set of 3 buttons located at the bottom part of the screen. On Nokia and LG devices, it is usually located at the bottom right and is a square icon. On Samsung, Huawei and other models it is usually located at the bottom left. You need to tap on this button. Tapping on this button should open the Recent Apps Window. This window displays all the currently open Apps on your device. You will need to swipe up or left on every open App you want to close. You can actually close all non system applications using this overview. However, If you intend to close Android system default applications as well, you will have to close them using the Apps Manager.

Closing Applications using the Apps Manager

If you are looking to close Apps along with open background processes, you will need to close them using the Apps Manager. Navigate to Settings > App Settings > Installed Apps in some devices, this option may be located under Settings > General > Apps (It all depends on your device’s version of Android installed). Here you can close individual Apps by clicking on them and tapping on Stop or Force Stop button that my appear. However, closing Apps using the Apps Manager is a riskier option as you can risk the App misbehaving with you the next time you open it.

Please Note: Only use the Apps Manager to close Apps if you are an advanced user and you know what you are doing. For a layman, the best way to close open Apps is by using the Overview.

Reboot Your Android Device to Close All open Apps

For those who wish to close all open Apps, there is an easier method which will close all open Apps along whit dependent Apps as well. You can reboot your phone by long pressing the start button on the phone and choosing reboot.


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