How to copy and paste text on an Android Device

Unless if you are a techie writer like me, chances are that you type the most on your phone. Be it to send an SMS or WhatsApp message or chatting with friends and contacts on Hangout or Facebook Messenger. However, sometimes retying can be a bit of a hassle and wate of time. Typing out the same text over and over is mundane.

Android does support the copy/paste function just like your computer. However, the cut/copy function in an Android differs a bit from how you do it in your computer.

Copying and Pasting Normal Text From One App to Another

If you are looking to copy a word or sentence form the browser of your Android device, SMS messaging App or such similar text form out Apps, you can follow the steps below:

First, tap on any one of the words you want to select and copy. Keep your finger on the word for a moment till the word gets highlighted. When the word gets highlighted, you will see two small balloon shaped handles on both the sides of the word. Along with them, a copy/paste menu will pop-up or appear.

Next, you can tap and hold one or both of the balloon handles and drag them to highlight the section of text you want to copy or cut. Then, select copy or cut as you desire on the pop-up menu.

Next, you want to switch to the application where you want to paste this text. When you are with-in the application, tap and hold your finger on the spot where you want to paste the text. Another paste popup will open there. You can now tap Paste and the text you had copied will get pasted here.

Copying and Pasting a Website Link

Now that you know how to select, copy and paste text from one application into another on your Android, lets jump on to the next copy paste function. This will come very handy while trying to share website links on your Android device with other:

First, you need to go to the website who’s link you want to copy. Now, tap and hold your finger on the address within the address-bar. A pop-up menu will appear. Select cut or copy as you desire. Now, go to the point within the App you desire to paste the link on to. Tap and keep pressed your finger on the point where you need to paste the link. Then, select Paste within the pop-up menu that appears there. Done, your coped link will appear.


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