tips on using the Autocorrect feature in Android

The Autocorrect feature that comes built-in with your Android device can be of great help. It can assist you in quickening the typing function on your Android smartphone and help you avoid the embarrassment that come with misspelled words in a communication. You can even customize your device’s dictionary to add custom short-forms of words and custom abbreviations that can assist you in your typing tasks. Below are some tips to help you adjust and utilize the autocorrect function and better use your android smartphone.

Please Note: The tips and advice should be most appropriate for most of the Android devices like: Google, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, etc.

Adding Proper Names (Names of people you communicate with) and your Personal Abbreviations

Many a times it is possible to add new words directly into the App. Adding new words depends on which device you are using and which version of Android it is. As an example, let’s consider you typed a word which is not in the dictionary. The word will get overwritten with the best match available with in the dictionary of the device. If you would like to revert back to your written word, you can click the ‘delete’ button in some versions of Android. With other versions, one may need to retype the word altogether. Anyways, the word which do not get recognized by your Android’s dictionary will carry a red underline. By tapping on the red underlined word, you can choose to add it to the dictionary manually.

If, on the other hand, you are using an application that doesn’t provide you with an add to dictionary menu when the unrecognized words are double-tapped, you’ll need to go to settings and add it into the dictionary manually. You can go to the settings > Additional Settings > Languages & input > and see the app being used by you currently in the “Keyboard and Input Methods” section.

How to personalize Other Keyboard Apps

If you are using a third-party App as a keyboard, then adding new words may differ form using the default keyboard that comes with your Android. There are various keyboard third-party Apps available on Google Play Store and you can download and install them at will. Many of them are free to use. Also, may come with advanced look enhancements and functions enhancements. One such commonly used keyboard App is called the Swiftkey.

If you are using the Swiftkey App, you might already know that it comes with some kind of artificial learning mechanism. The App monitors and learns from your typing patterns and behavior. It also automatically stops correcting wrongly typed words which you use frequently. It comes with a prediction box at the top of the keyboards which is a part of the assist function that this app provides. Features like long-pressing to remove words from the dictionary and other such advanced features help.

Typing and customizing how you type on the Android can be a very easy task with using such advanced Apps. There are many typing assist Apps out there. Swype, Touchpal, Fleksy, Go Keyboard, Xploree AI keyboard and many more. Just open Google Play Store and search for “keyboard” and you will be able to see and install most of the above mentioned keyboard Apps.

Enabling and Disabling the Autocorrect Function

With all it’s advantages and some disadvantages, the autocorrect feature can be overwhelming for some. If, for some reason, you are not comfortable with it, you can consider disabling it all-together. Almost all third-party Apps provide you with a option to disable them at any time. You can navigate to the settings section and click on Languages & input. Select Google Keyboard and click on the text correction section. Here, you can turn on/off the auto-correction feature. You can also adjust other settings like: blocking offensive words; show/hide suggestions; suggesting names form contacts; and more.

You can also disable and enable the Google personalize suggestions from here. The personalized suggestions from Google uses your typing data and has access to your contacts in Google account. Turning on/off the spellchecker and even changing your language associated with the spellchecker is possible from here.

Hope you liked this article on using the Autocorrect feature with your Android device. If you are looking for similar such articles, you can leave a suggestion in the comments section below.


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